Grocery shopping day

Just as soon as I finish writing the part-opener text for Part 2 of my book, it’s time to head to the Berkeley Bowl for my weekly shopping trip:
blueberry scones
white wine (Vinum red w/dog, No Way Cuvee, Zabaco Zin, Tulocay Zin) stack of cases btw. wine & cheese, decent red (cheap ravenswood zin, bbowl)
1/2 doz. eggs
/clover sweet butter
pint half ‘n’ half
1qt nonfat milk
1qt 1percent lactaid
/pavel’s plain lo-fat yogur
ttoilet paper (6 packs/md)
/enviro-brown paper towel
/purina dry food
2 froz blueberries
/fruit sorbet
/froz. duck breasts ($10)
/2.5 lbs country-style pork ribs
2 Rosie boned chicken breasts
/Cascade dill pickles
bionaturae organic pasta (penne
1 17 oz. cans pomidori/whole peeled tomatoes (no basil)
/healthy valley fiber seven cereal
fish (salmon not Atlantic, filet of red snapper, filet of sole, tilapia – no more than 1 lb.)
/pure olive oil $5 – Sasso
balsamic vinegar (the best)
/TWINLAB w/o IRON Daily OneCaps (60 capsules)
/5 lb unbleached (all-prp) white flr not pastry, bleached, enriched
/5 lb whole wheat (not pastry)
/5 lb steel-cut oats
/peppercorns (bulk) 1 oz
romaine & redleaf (2 heads)
/chard (org if looks good)
broccoli raab OR turnip greens OR rapini (not mustard
/sm. bun organic carrots (not topped)
/bagged spinach
/2 med.-sized fennel bulb (if not >$1)
/2 leeks (if not >$1 ea.)
/celery root
/1 lb mixed fingerling potatoes
3 yellow onions
/2 med. white onions
/1 red onion (torpedo is great, looks like yam)
/2 lbs organic or local romas
/2 med. avocadoes (not chilean)
4 grapefruits 10 valencias etc.
1/2 lb. india(n) eggplant or small
/2-3 white zucchini (pale green stripey or small shiney but not yellow)
3, 4 gala apples (cheap small in bins)
oatmeal raisin cookies
/butternut squash
charcoal briquettes
(/=don’t get this week)