Hey, Nineteen

When you are twice the age of the young, you are no longer young. You can feel young, act young, think young. The can be younger than. You can have a “youthful” (pick it: appearance, body, attitude, driving style) although the use of that word obviously begs the question. Compare: spry.
Strange thought in the backyard (indescribable blue sky just overhead, garden going into a purple-violet-blue stage, clover and weed grasses, and close to the feet, wood chips, the cat bustles out of hiding cobwebby from snoozing, paws at the wood chips, and rolls over to do cat-yoga, lots of flopping from side to side, neck as gimbal), don’t know where it came from: lost my virginity at 19, turning 38 this year. Is that a milestone? Soon the “sexually active” half of my life will be as long as the first half, childhood. I’m not young anymore.