Hidden query tip for custom Google search

Rod Kratochwill read my posts about setting up a Google search for your blog when you don’t command the entire domain name yourself. I had mentioned that my solution does put the site:blogs.salon.com and inurl:0001111 queries in the text box on the results page, which could confuse the user or even end up getting deleted, changing the scope of subsequent seaches.
Rod tells me

Here is the trick for keeping the inurl and site items out of the search input box. Use the “hq” item. I’m guessing it is the hidden query value.

His example code is like so:

<input type=hidden name="hq" value="site:radio.weblogs.com">
<input type=hidden name="hq" value="inurl:0100146">

I will add a note about this to my Fine-Tuning Custom Google Search story when I get a chance.
Having moved to my own domain recently, I’ll need to augment my current search box soon. Right now it searches the http://blogs.salon.com/0001111/ site, frozen as of October 24, and will find nothing sooner. (I maintained all the old pages so as to make any unupdted old links continue to work.)
I’m not even sure Google has indexed http://radiofreeblogistan.com/ yet, but soon I should add an option for searching the new domain. When the index gets deep enough, I’ll deprecate and probably eventually remove (or keep on a subpage) the old blogs.salon.com search.