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Your Salon Blog Tour of Quality

It’s like so, so, oh, what’s the phrase for what I need to say? Agh nugirn ngkyew, afnwa tnirnada bies, no? Eerie.

To answer this week’s most popular question, no, you cannot nominate candidates for the Salon Blog Death Watch. I know, it’s tempting, but the cardinal rule is that they have to have deserted their blogs. If they’re still writing, they may arise once again. Believe me, though, as surely as I stand here – more candidates are coming soon. Mmmm, The Adorable Roxi Morokco.

Your time will come one day as well. One morning you shall awaken and say unto yourself,  “Why the hell am I doing this?” And you will leave.

You may write again, but not here. You will find yourself visiting, day after day. Perhaps many times a day. Do they miss me, you’ll wonder, and today you smile because your link has been reddened. They do miss me, they do. And then you open your referral log to find nothing but blind Google searches. You will mournfully click on your own dead link. This was me. Eventually, you will go.

Driver 8 turns his attention to the cinema, with a less than flattering look at ‘Blood Beach’. Let’s listen in. “This movie isn’t so special: people start disappearing around the beach, their bodies turn up mutilated, cops investigate and find an underground monster, cops lure monster to a trap and blow it up.” What? That’s not special enough? There’s just no pleasing some folks.

Pssst. Paul Hinrichs reads Boy’s Life.

No way! Different Strings is against the Ten Commandments! Emphasis Added continues down this blasphemous road, going so far as to take the name of Bill O’Reilly in vain.

Robert’s Virtual Soapbox tells me pretty much everything I have to know about the new Harry Potter movie. I need read no further.

The Barbaric Yawp has a longish autobiographical piece detailing how he got where he is today, which is, uh here, in Salon Blogs… [Mark Hoback]