Holiday quality tour: thanks and sorry

Your Salon Blog Tour of Quality  

This is a holiday version of the quality tour, and I’ve got something I need to get off my chest. Oh Lord, I do hate to ever hate to apologize, but I’ve got to admit that I was a real asshole last week. I dissed some of the Salon Blog writers a few days ago, and I owe them all an apology. In specific,  I’m speaking of Hootenanny, K-Pasa, and Mr. George. I’m not all that. No excuses.

That’s not what I want to be about, folks. It was uncalled for, and henceforth I shall only sing the praises of the folks who reside inside.

Googobits celebrates the life and career of architect Radoslav Kovacevic, a renowned designer of  religious structures. I have been asked whether I actually like this blog or if I’m goofing on it. I like it, okay? It has a very distinct sensibility, which is expressed here.

This is from way back on Monday, but I just saw it at The Agora and had to ref it. It appears that politically correct toy manufacturers have dispensed with Mister Potatohead’s pipe. That’s just wrong, on so many levels.

And if that wasn’t disturbing enough, over at Everything That Sucks, Amanda gets hit on by Santa…

Different Strings confronts the argument that the repercussions of slavery are responsible for current failings amongst members of the Black population.

see David Fox.