… Just Like I Pictured It

Endorsements: jetBlue good, Habitat Hotel bad, New York Computer Café good.
Though my flight was delayed by headwinds and midwestern storms on the preceding incoming flight, the in-seat DirectTV thing was a big winner. I mean, are we slack-jawed Americans not already trained to sit and watch the TV for hours of unnoticed discomfort on end? Our oldest babysitter, meet our space-age ordeal.
The channel that shows you exactly where the plane is on a GPS/MapQuest map with altitude and speed is fascinating. I assume they turn it off in a crash?
On the plane I got caught up on a lot of mail (and then was unable to send it from my hotel. It seems to be the Mac’s fault though I couldn’t debunk it last night) and finally got MovableType up and running (I’d been stealing time to work on the config for the last few weeks, and finally got the right folders in the right folders.
I’m going to test it by trying to set up MemeListRecent for the memewatch.com project site (prototype).
Thought for the first time today about designing clothes.