knowledge management

as i told shacker the other day, i figured if i’m going to charge high consulting fees to corporate clients to help them with knowledge-management projects, then it might be a good idea to get my own filing cabinet sorted out.
another meme-oid i threw out there (why always spell that “through out there”? silent phonic dictation lapse?) was that i’d been gradually dissolving the arterial plaque from my sclerotic reading-and-writing passageways.
so it’s time to start putting the puzzle pieces together. the goal is to link everything up, using php and mysql, maybe rss, etc., for what i call “pep” – my “personal expression platform.” or i think of it by the name of my new home page (xianlandia – just crap there now). everything from random thoughts to new collaborative sites to be enabled.
to keep myself honest (and engaged), i’m going to discuss it all right here, make my mistakes and think things through in public.