LiveJournal Appendix

I keep thinking of unique things about LiveJournal. For example, comments to an LJ blog can be set to automatically trigger an e-mail alert (or not, it’s a preference). I love this feature. Radio should offer something similar.
LJ has a profile feature in which you can specify interests. This is an easy way to find the journals of other people with the same interests. On top of this, it has a friends feature and an easy way to read your friend’s blogs. (This is why I’d like to see more convergence or interoperability.) It’s also possible to limit some posts so they can only be seen by friends, and to limit who can comment on your posts to friends only.
I haven’t talked much about having multiple people able to post to the same blog. LJ offers this feature, Blogger also allows you to create a team of contributors. I think there are Radio tools or hacks for this as well (I still haven’t digested all the useful advice I’ve been offered here by readers!)
I think the interests and friends features in LiveJournal help foster community.
Lastly, there’s the (distasteful to some) “my mood” and “what music i’m listening to right now” features. On my Mac, my LJ client can pick up a track listing from iTunes automatically, if I let it.