Returning to my friends’ home in Princeton last night after the opening-night reunion dinner at Lawrenceville, I found that the key they’d given me was not getting me in the door. I could hear the deadbolt turning but there was some trick to opening the latch that I couldn’t figure out. I phoned B for advice (it was only around 9 pm on the west coast) and finally was reduced to ringing the door buzzer to wake Ted up and make him come down to let me in. He showed me what to do but I couldn’t see it. Only this morning did Kirsten explain to me that you have to pull back on the door after turning the lock, and only then will the latch release. Now it seems easy.
Today was a class lunch and photo, and I decided against watching a lacrosse game this afternoon. Soon I’ll had back for my class dinner (1982) in the schmancy new science building. After that I’m thinking of taking in a play, Smash, a contemporary adaptation of a Shaw play (something like The Unsociable Socialist). Tomorrow there’s a farewell brunch thing and then I’m back into New York until Thursday.
Just booked a room at the Bentley. Got a pretty good price on the web.