Making a conference bloggable

So, what does it take to make a conference bloggable? That is, what are the usual arrangements required? Is it a matter of one IP address, a DHCP hub, one or more airport or linksys type wireless base stations, and that’s it? Or am I overlooking a layer of complexity?
This is the kind of thing I imagine Doc Searls or Chris Pirillo to know, but I’m asking my readers because you guys seem to know everything.
Here’s what prompted this. I suggested to Waterside (my literary agency) that we make their annual conference bloggable this year. Here’s what the hotel said: “We have done wireless Internet before in our meeting room, but the clients have always brought their own equipment for the connection. We just turned on the lines for them to access.”
And here’s what they asked: “Also, we will need to know how many computers will be using the lines so we know how many IP addresses to set up. Will you be bringing in your own wireless equipment? If not I can find out the cost to rent for you.”
I can bring my airport but that will probably cover only one room (probably wherever the panels and speakers will be). We may want another base station in the demo room, I would imagine.
I’ve got an extra hub, so that’s not a problem, and lot’s of ethernet cable. Am I missing something I’m going to want ot rent?
But here’s my real question? Why do they care “how many computers” will be there? We don’t need a unique IP address for each computer, right? Shouldn’t we be able to use DHCP? I would think several hundred participants would use the wireless at least to get on the web and check mail if not for blogging.