Making a metablog with TrackBack pings

In my continuing effort to use my own blogorrhea as a guinea pig, I have some plans in the works for my domain. For example, I’m planning to move my personal blog from LiveJournal to Movable Type. I’ll document the process as I do it.
I’m also trying to set up a TrackBack ping-based metablog to aggregate all (or as many as possible) of my other log entries into one rolling meta index. For the MT blogs, it’s easy to make them ping a specific category in another blog (which I’m calling metaxian), but I haven’t figured out yet how to capture and display those pings on the MT index page. I’ve followed the instructions (I think I have) but so far nothing is showing up at .
My next step will be to look at the discussion forums at to see if these questions have been asked and answered. Since and the KMpings site are both working examples of the kind of metablog I’m trying to create, none of this should be rocket science.
I was hoping that each ping could trigger a blog entry, which could then roll off the home page and be archived as usual, but it appears that the pings must be listed as their own entities, so I don’t know what that says about archiving older pings. I have much still to learn about all of this. Suggestions are welcome.