Moving Day

If my upstreaming changes today work correctly, then this may be the final post to Radio Free Blogistan at the address, in which case, I want to make it very easy for any future readers directed here by old links (sorry, everybody!) to get to the new home page at
If I were really cool, I’d redesign this page so that it contained the moving message and then loaded the new page at automatically, or immediately redirected to that page, or something cool like that. Instead people ending up here will have to follow a link like this one or the one in the title of this entry.
If the move fails, then this message will seem kind of lame and embarassing in retrospect.
For the technically minded, I will continue to use the Salon hosting and address for my salonika category, and possibly for hosting images and other large files within my storage quota.
The blog-related categories (knowhow, metablog, radioactive, syllabus), along with a few knew ones (uh, i don’t know… bloggerz, stereomovabletype?) will also be upstreamed to sections of
The others will be squirted off to more appropriate hosts (for completists: fireweaver will show up at Dreamweaver Savvy once I get the templating integrated, memewatch will migrate to, outspoken will fold back into Bite Media, and x-pollen will go to
I’m starting another new category today, unrelated to blogs. It’s called “Agent7,” it’s about my clients and colleagues in the worlds of technology and publishing, and especially their instersection, and it will end up at once we get the server-side includes inserted into the appropriate page.
Update: The first try failed. I tried to copy the old #upstream.xml file into the subcategories that I didn’t want coming over to but that somehow resulted in a strange out-of-date rendering of the home page.
To fix that I’m editing this file and reposting after throwing away the bad upstream files and restoring Radio to community upstreaming. If things get back to normal, I’ll try the FTP approach, possibly by publishing yet another change to this cross-category entry.