Still moving…

Well, the first attempt screwed up the upstreaming and one side effect is that “fireweaver” is rendering on the home page instead of in its category folder, which hides most recent posts. (Follow the metablog link at right to see recent blog-related posts.)
Meanwhile, this is more or less a dummy post to see if the rendering will fix itself. For some reason I am suddenly also unable to reach where the information about #upstream.xml syntax and the script that fixes URL errors after upstreaming changes can ordinarily both by located.
Update: Ugh, it gets worse and worse. When using that abovementioned script, Salon blog users, be sure to replace the string “” with “” I now have nested redirection problems!
Publishing this to several categories to see if it will stop salonika from squatting on the home page (now that fireweaver is pointing offsite.