New Blog of Note

Just added to my blogroll: The Vicarious Delusions of Malium’s journal.
I think blogrolls need to be annotated, or at least that I should do more than just add people to a link and never explain why. Backfilling is always piling up, but at least from now on when I add someone I can note it.
Mal is a friend/mentor of mine, also a catalyst, instigator of antiweb and much more. I’m catching up on his new livejournal in my friends view there right now. He has some fiction, some personal stuff, he discusses Tara Sue Grubb (he lives in her district), and Lindows. He posts long, considered entries. He’s experienced. Read him.
Say, blogstreet doesn’t see my blogrolls because they come in via javascript using Those guys should work out the compatability issue for mutual benefit.