Check my mail. Check my referer logs. Read the Well. Read Metafilter. I don’t need to put some things on my to-do list because I do them compulsively as it is.
I go out back, it’s sunny. Cat (typed </cat> comes by and does the flop. I’m enjoying the fresh air, overcast low sky, my book (Dark Star, Alan Furst) when my mind wanders and it occurs to me how much I want to draw and paint some more. I’m so pictorial in my way of viewing the world. It’s the fate of the dilettante to have acute sensitivity: see like a painter, listen like a writer, hear like a musician, rethink like an editor. (A blog I was reading yesterday has Salieri as its patron saint, similar meme.)
My method: put up shitty stuff. Later think of ways to improve it.
Nice email from gedrei, whose been reading a lot of my output apparently and said he appreciates the Mediajunkie junk mail column. He asked the magic question: Am I looking for contributors? Well, sure, maybe (think Tom Sawyer whitewashing picket fence)… For the time being I can use Blogger’s team feature, though the original plan was to use a PHP-Nuke (Slashdot-style) implementation. More on that as it comes together.