One solution to Google site search

Have I mentioned lately that I love the Internet? Cast a question on the waters and the answer (or an answer) generally comes back within 24 hours.
Ian Landsman sent me a solution in the comments to my previous post. I’d paste the code in here but even when escaped out it will cause problems for at least some aggregators, so look at the comment if you’re interested.
Basically, Ian’s solution passes the inurl:0001111 specification that limits the search to just my site on this server, including it in the query as a hidden text value by including a name="q" attribute.
The only drawback I can see to this solution is that, by avoiding the custom Google search, it doesn’t permit cobranding (not that big a deal to me as a private individual but perhaps an issue for more commercial enterprises) and it doesn’t offer site-specific search option on the results page.
I’m playing around with a hybrid solution on an experimental page (experimental meaning undesigned, no navigation, etc.). Basically, it involves using as much of the custom code as possible but still trying to pass the hidden text values per Ian’s solution. It seems to work just fine, but I’ll keep banging away at it for a while to see if I’ve screwed it up.
If it does work, I’m going to replace my calendar with a search box and then probably write up a story with the code so it won’t break aggregators but so I can distribute it to anyone who isn’t blogging from the root of their domain.
(This entry x-posted to knowhow category because making blogs—or k-logs alike—searchable addresses a key question regarding the usefulness of logging as a KM or knowledge sharing instrument.)