Paddle Your Own

Went out onto Goodyear Slough in Suisun (so-soon) Bay over the weekend, canoeing with B in Save the Bay‘s “Canoes and Sloughs” weekend program. Man, it was a glorious day! Threatening to rain, yes, but the clouds were billowy and fat, the wind gave us something to struggle against, and the color of the sky, the green hills, the tawny marsh grasses were just stunning. Probably the first outing I’ve had in months. The first airing, the first exercise besides yoga and walking.
It took a little while for us to get the hang of paddling together, but we figured it out after a while. There’s just something about being out on water, “messing around with boats,” that I’ll always love. Yes, now the heels of my palms and various other muscles in my back and shoulders are complaining, but so what? It was worth it.