Posting from my TiMac

Just downloaded iJournal for Mac OS X. Discovered my Farallon Skyline wireless card doesn’t have a Carbon driver yet. Gonna try the OS X Eudora next. This thing is beautiful. I’ll snap a picture soon.
Just attended EB’s art show opening at CCAC’s North Gallery on College at Broadway near the Oakland/Berkeley border. The whole Nastek 2000 crowd showed up. Fantastic, mysterious art. EB seemed to be in her element. She told me she recently read the journal, wondering how people who don’t know me or B might interpret it. A stranger asked me a few weeks back to write for a new ‘zine, adding the p.s. “Your LiveJournal rocks…” so I guess it’s not entirely unintelligible to strangers.
Must remind myself to post some thoughts about ‘s recent post about the two types of blogs and the reasons for journaling online. So much to digest recently but I’ll get it all out eventually.