Radio frequently not updating my blog

I find it very frustrating when I discover, as I do more and more frequently these days, that Radio has either ceased upstreaming my changes or is continually upstreaming an out-of-date version of my weblog home page.
Today, for example, I fixed a typo in the Iraq/Iran salonika post and posted another entry about the blogger being sued by the Scientologists, neither of which are visible at my site as of right now, a good seven hours later.
I noticed the typo unfixed a while back so I told Radio to republish the home page. Checked again later: still not updated. I quit Radio and restarted it (that often does the trick—these problems often occur after my Mac has been asleep all night), and republished again. No such luck.
I’ve checked in several browsers, so I don’t think it’s a cache problem.
I’m kinda posting this just to see if it jogs things loose. Also to vent.