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  • Splog software

    I found one of my recent posts appropriated (plagiarized) at a clickfraud spam blog called Christian-radio, hosted or created by a tool called BlogSolution that appears to be designed to create splogs. Welcome back my friends, to the tragedy of the commons that never ends.

  • Google Blog: This was posted from Microsoft Word

    Quoting from Google Blog: This was posted from Microsoft Word: Last July, a few of us visited the Democratic National Convention to see political bloggers in action. Many were using Microsoft Word to post their reports. It was a multi-step process that didn’t look like fun, but for citizen journalists, punctuation, spelling and grammar are…

  • Ann Althouse fisks Pajamas Media

    I really should get off my ass and get a blogads account. All my blogs together might cover my bandwidth costs, anyway. I don’t think I’m PM material (Charles Johnson creeps me out, for one thing), but even if I were it sounds like a dubious plan. In Althouse: Pajamas Media vs. BlogAds — the…

  • Yahoo 360 adds feeds

    Frances Pabon over at Good Bloggin’ alerts me that

  • Six Apart release MT 3.2 beta

    I’m looking forward to testing out the new version of Movable Type (Movable Type 3.2 Beta) – if only for the new administrative features.

  • Origins of blog software applications

    an interesting discussion in the Textpattern support forum pulls together statements from the creators of Greymatter, Movable Type, and Radio Userland describing the genesis of each application. What’s fascinating is how different they are. Someone should gather analogous statements about Blogger, Textpattern, WordPress, and so on.