Radio vs. Blogger Pro

As some readers have pointed out, Blogger Pro includes some of the features cited as missing from Blogger in my comparison from Monday. Since Radio isn’t free, it might be more fair to compare Radio with Blogger Pro.
Here are a few of the features you get with the Pro version of Blogger that have analogous Radio features:

  • Title fields
  • Post via email
  • Image posting (but not yet for blogspot blogs)
  • Draft (unpublished) posts
  • RSS (syndicatable feed) generation

Here are some Blogger Pro features that aren’t matched in the basic Radio feature set

  • BlogSend, an email broadcasting feature
  • Post templates
  • Editable time stamps
  • Spellchecking

Blogger Pro is under constant development. Buying it now locks in the current $35/year subscription price (compared with a projected $50/year price). Pyra projects these features for future revisions of Pro:

  • Secure publishing
  • Moderation of team posts
  • Blogger search access

Though I’ve been leaning toward consolidating all of my blogs on MovableType or now, possibly, Radio, I think I’ll still pay for Blogger Pro in the mean time, partly in the spirit of supporting the development effort and partly for the reasons that I bought a premium Salon subscription a while back. One immediate benefit of doing so will be that the Blogger-based mirror of this site will start getting the article titles.