Last week or so I was complaining about the RadioExpress! bookmarklet, how it doesn’t pop up in a new window, which would let me selectively quote from the source page or view its source (since RE! doesn’t grab raw HTML in IE/Mac, as far as I can tell), and how I lack the basic Javascript chops to hack into the bookmarklet script and just fix it myself.
Almost immediately, Joe Jenett sent me working code to do just what I asked for, posting it to my comments. “Ask and ye shall receive,” I replied.
The easiest way to share the upgrade is in the form of a link (otherwise I have to wrestle with Radio escaping out or interpreting some of the code that looks like HTML).
I’m assuming you’ve already installed RadioExpress!. If not, see the note at the end of this entry.
Upgrading RadioExpress!
Just drag to your Favorites Bar the following linktext: RadioExPop!.
You can now drag your old RadioExpress bookmarklet to the trash (or delete it with your preferred method).
Use It

(UseIt™ is a registered trademark of Jakob Nielsen world rights reserved)

Your new bookmarklet will now pop up the entry page in a new window. Now if only we could design a more compact format, for some of the chic slickness of the Blogger/Blogger Pro and MT bookmarklets. What do pMachine bookmarklets look like?
Most of these don’t work with Mozilla, right? Is this all very IE-centric? Blogger Pro advertises and Mozilla-friendly bookmarklet, I think, but I gather it uses a slightly different script.
To Get and Install RadioExpress!
Go to Mike Krus’s
Too Much News blog. There you’ll be invited to download a file and be instructed to save it to the www/system/pages/ folder of your Radio 8.x installation and then open a new page to install the bookmarklet. It’s fairly self explanatory from there.