RSS Feed in Blogger (Pro)

By switching to the “in-beta” server, I was able to get the RSS feed working for Junk Mail, one of my Blogger Pro blogs. Up to now I was using Voidstar’s cool RSSify script to generate a feed, but it didn’t seem to recognize titles (it made up titles out of the first x lines of the entry). The new feed does. This is cool. I’m still anticipating moving Junk Mail and some other blogs to Radio or Movable Type or PHP-Nuke eventually, but inertia is a powerful thing, migrating is never easy, and if I can improve things incrementally in the meantime, then that’s what I want to do.
The Movable Type article is still in the works, probably now to come early next week (TV jitters and real life cut into my blogging at the end of this week).
Oh, and Radio users can subscribe to Junk Mail by following this link. The Mediajunkie site, by the way, is intended ultimately to permit multiple user postings. Currently this can be done using Blogger’s team function, but that’s why I’m considering PHP-Nuke (which is essentially a Slash clone that my sysadmin finds easier to work with).