RSS or Nowheresville? says that RSS is where it’s at:

I think I’ve seen the future, or a small part of it, regarding weblogs. Two things:

  1. If you’re not syndicating your site as RSS it might as well not exist.
  2. If you don’t include a <link…> tag in your home page that points to your RSS feed, then you might as well not be syndicating your site, and therefore it might as well not exist.

This Pirate Kills Fascists disagrees with this news-is-all vision, seeing blogrolls and other blog content elements as equally compelling (in IE5.1/OSX right now, though, his design is overlapping, making some of the content illegible):

Again, I don’t see it. While I do agree that the web browser is not the most efficent means to read a large number of weblogs, I don’t think that RSS fits the bill as the best means to read them either. I’ve already voiced two complaints against how RSS is currently used, and I don’t see any good solutions for these two issues.

Images, blogrolls, discussion links, all of these are key components of many weblogs. I’ve often hit up the “say what” link on Radio Free Blogistan alone. RSS syndication hides all that.

Maybe the best solution is RDF. You can define custom predicates to link your object with resources. So an item could be given a discussion link, or a channel could have a blogroll list, and a smart RDF reader could show all that.

Here’s my question. Where do I snag the correct syntax for the link tag in my head. I guess I can copy almost anyone and replace the URL?