Saving McDonald's

Motley Fool has 10 Tips to Save McDonald’s:

7. You want to milk that Disney relationship and introduce a new revenue stream? When Spy Kids 2 and Lilo & Stitch get released into the home-video market, enter into a revenue-sharing deal with Mickey Mouse and rent the videos and DVDs with drive-through convenience. You can sell them, sure, but that would be a price-point turn-off. You’re better off charging $3.99 for a four-day rental. Instead of time-consuming credit card collateral, just match the rentals to driver’s license numbers, and let the honor system take it from there. Why a driver’s license? Well, you need one to be in a drive-through in the first place, right? Just one release at a time eases the inventory workload, and since a return has to be made, a repeat visit will likely be accompanied by a new food order.