Shacker Moves from LiveJournal to Movable Type

Scot’s popular (especially among BeOS and Mac aficianadoes and other groupies and hanger’s on to his stylistic majesty, like myself – note to self: start scot hacker fan club) foobar blog has moved (comments and all!) to a movable type hosted blog at
Looks good. I mean to ask him where that template is found. MT seems to come only with the blues stripe across the top design out of the box, as it were.
It’s amazing how seamless the transition is. His August posts cross back into LJ territory without a hitch. It’s clear that the essence of a blog is not in the software.
I have to update my blogroll now. I will also look and see if he left a note at LiveJournal. Will his community there feel betrayed? Will he tell them how to add his RSS feed to their LJ “Friends” view (which is really a kind of LJ-tuned aggregator)? Inquiring minds want to know.
At the beginning of this year when I wanted to resurrect a personal blog and start thinking in public about my PEP (Personal Expression Platform) project, I noticed that Scot had started listing a blog with livejournal in its URL in his sig. I hadn’t heard of LJ and asked him about it and saw something preferable to Blogger, a kind of path of least resistance (with one built-in friend), so I started this bodega blog here.
In the meantime I started using Radio for the new blog and I’ve been learning about MT all along. We’ve also now got a bunch of old antiweb folks using LiveJournal as their gateway blog, so I may not hurry to follow Scot this time. Then again, consolidation on a single platform would simplify my life utterly right now.