Teardrop in Space

This thing calls itself “A Prolegomena to any past Prolegomena.”
That probably isn’t too funny if you weren’t a philosophy major, but it tickled me.
I also like

The way to read this book is to jump around until you find something that makes sense. . . and then be glad.

But then he misspells kiding.
I wanted to write mispells but I figured some people wouldn’t get it was a joke.
Then he goes on

Your philosophic comments are welcome however, comments on spelling or grammatical errors are only welcome if you want me to consider you a concept-void person who picks away at trivial details while letting worlds crash. In fact, just to tweek those nit-picking spell freaks out there who are too stupit to realize that concepts are more important than the transmission-medium, I have purposely peppered this book with mis-spelled words, typos and even half-baked sentences to give such a person the opportunity to up-grade their mind with the ability to ignore trivia. This will serve such a person, as it will free up mental compute cycles for more important things.