The Beast Must Be Fed

Stuck doing real journalism, I am jonesing for the golden yummie of blogging.
Here’s my process: during the panel last night I took notes on my powerbook straight through, not pure verbatim, but gettting the gist (I hope, and they’ll tell me if I got them wrong) of what each person said to each question. I also interjected my own unspoken points in all caps to remind me to put those two cents in. I did capture some verbaitn quotations when I thought they were telling or, more often, funny.
Back to the process: Today I’m working on a copy of the text file (in Word with smart curly quote-making turned off goddammit), fixing all the numerous typos, etc. and trying to boil it down to something more like a story than a transcript. (Since the j-school recorded and plans to webcast the proceedings, I don’t think the world needs an amateur transcript.)
When I’m done, probably later today, I’ll post the story as a Story and then blog a link to it with an excerpt, or—you know—my usual shtick.
I took a bunch of digital photos, most of which are blurry or dark, but I will try to crop out at least head shots of as many of the panelists as I can do.
But meanwhile, to feed the beast, I’ll post choice quotes as I stumble on them, unfairly out of context and all.