The dirty little secret of content management

Dylan Tweney’s latest Business 2.0 column advises businesses to steer carefully between the six-figure CMS overkill solutions that thrived during the dotcom boom and the other end of the spectrum, reinventing the CMS wheel yourself in-house.
I’ve been doing content management-related consulting for the last five years and there’s a big hole in the middle of the market for CMS framework software that will handle 80% of the needs of most clients. There’s no need, most of the time, to spend half a million dollars implementing a universal document management, record-keeping type system.
I wonder how many businesses could manage their web and intranet content just fine with affordable tools such as powerful blog systems (for example, pMachine or Movable Type) or more full-featured but still affordable-bordering-on-free CMS tools (for example, Manila and PostNuke).