Blog watching 'cyberjournalists' and 'j-bloggers'

Catching up with Spartaneity this morning leads me to the Weblog Blog at The site is for and about journalist bloggers (referred to there as J-bloggers).
Hey, if enough of these blogging about blogging sites appear, I think I can put my feet up and just let everyone else do this work!
So, there are no permalinks there (although there is a link to an article that discusses why permalinks are important), which means I don’t know what you’ll see if and when you follow the above link, but the two most recent entries are both interesting.
The first deals with how Sheila Lennon posted the entire transcript of her interview with Times reporter David F. Gallagher, thereby offering a supplement to the single paragraph of quotations from the interview that made into print.
The next item is the one that Spartaneity commented on, an update on MSNBC’s blog initiative: has launched a new feature called “Weblog Central,” which aims to “serve as a perch from which you can observe and participate in the brave new world of personal news.” The site’s Will Femia will write a daily Blogspotting weblog to “shine a light on life in the blogosphere. . . .We’ll count on bloggers and those who know and appreciate online journals to help us spot trends, share tips and make connections,” says Joan Connell,’s Executive Producer for Opinions and Communities.