They're in the House!

Raccoons bashed in the cat door last night. I slept through it but B heard the boom. Then they tore open the cat food boxes and tried some, but left a lot (not to their taste). Also got their muddy paws all over the place and left footprints in the (never used) litter box.
Need to devise a stronger security plan for the door. Scrubbed stuff down. Through away the food (B doesn’t want the cat catching anything the raccoons may have). We know they’ll be back tonight. Katie bar the door!
from the Well:
Interview with the curator of the Louis Armstrong museum in Queens repeated on Fresh Air July 4th. He tells the story of how Mezz Mezzrow had a credit for “Arrangements” on some LP. That’s odd, Mezz didn’t really have the class to write charts for Louis. He tracked it down to a letter that Louis wrote to Mezz before a European tour: “Mezz – I need some ‘arrangements’ for the tour. About 4 months worth of ‘arrangements’, and make sure they are really *good* ‘arrangements’.”