Things that won't get done today

review tapers addendum for dead letters magazine
finish installing pmachine
install and test rss monkey
set up godetia and wildflowertrips domains for b
set up virtuser mail forwarding for
send book promised to friend
make household budget
plan/prepare for moving site root to
*set up rss monkey*
learn opml
final notes on j-school panel
jump menu for sidelists
rush to judgement
don’t know if suexec or cgiwrap available <==figure out! Please Notify in my event log. Does that mean rss feed received? How notify? possible to do e-mail list, just send summaries? Also, how about "Mail this entry..." w.bloggar kung-log for MT make blog books page, link from masthead make colophon . typography . software, radio, dreamweaver, fireworks, textedit, palm desktop, eudora, ie, mozilla, opera, omniweb, netscape . hardware: mac, speakers, camera, handspring visor, pen and paper xmltree PEP is my codename for my dream application, the Personal Expression Platform start blog directory process include blog reviews blog books required reading by tool blogger radio movabletype livejournal other respond to blog-related e-mail try out manila consider bbCMS for ezone/thedeadbeat/mediajunkie/memewatch Type design, bold vs italics vs quot marks, not having a style sheet or set design, semantic <strong>? it's more like <span class="thoughts"> and defining that to look italic? accessibility and standards sometimes feel like an infinite regress traction people have died of exposure turing test for spam arrest q: how to use short listings in rss feed instead of entire post? abude brazil ins story meme