To Do: Burn To-Do List

It’s time once again for the purgative list of crossed-out to-do’s. This time dating back to Feb 11 (and, as always, excluding sensitive client-related matters):
Write locale description for corporate website
Rescope content retrofit
Make changes to proposal
Call Willem
Chapter 11 due
Chapter 8 due
Photo to Eric (for writer’s conference)
Notes to Natalie (for pop culture conference)
Write PPTs for sw/texas (popcult)
Chapter 7 dye
Pay bills, update budget
Green bin
Redo last 3-4 ezone corrections (since move)
xfer $1500 to joint savings
Chapter 6 due
Fix typos in help
Talk to BackBeat about next edition of the Phish Companion
Breakfast stuff (oranges, milk), dinner stuff
Drop off & pick up dry cleaning
revise chapter 22
help with doc lib
review proposal
review ms
sign and return book contract
xerox contract, send
catch up on personal e-mail
identify ezone cgi’s for .t
refill allergy meds
chapter 9 due
send reimb info
send gary JGB w/James Booker tapes
chapter 13 due
pay bills, update budget
green bin
chapte 10 due
chapter 5 due
chapter 18 due
author review chapter 6
chapter 12 due
chapter 14 due
proof PPT
AR ch 9
AR ch 19
AR ch 8
deposit check @ bank
order new mac