Top 100 albums of the '80s

I haven’t found much to argue with in Pitchfork’s Top 100 Albums of the 1980s, but then I’m also a huge Pixies fan.

Let me put it this way: if not for Doolittle, there would be no Pitchfork. In other words, the influence of this record is so vast that, fifteen years on, it has altered the course of your life at this very moment.






3 responses to “Top 100 albums of the '80s”

  1. Scot Hacker Avatar

    Sorry, I’m on Albini’s side on this one. Have never understood the appeal of the Pixies or understood why they get called “influential” – to me they sound like a blend of a dozen bands that came before… I can only guess that they get called influential because other critics call them influential? I know I’m odd man out on this count – most of my friends see it the other way around. It just frustrates me because I feel I must be missing some kind of Pixies Appreciation Gland or something.

  2. xian Avatar

    right, we’ve had this discussion before. it’s in the ear of the behearer. they always worked for me. first stones-like rush i’d gotten from music in a long time. a friend from boston sent me a few of their first songs on a mixed tape in around ’87 i guess. bone machine was one. didn’t like it at first, then it grew on me.
    as for influential, cobain was pretty clear on nevermind being a straight-up pixies ripoff/homage. the sound.
    i also liked frank black and kim deal’s vocal blend and i had a wicked crush on kim deal.

  3. nutso Avatar

    what a stupid list . all new wave crap and rap. what happened to hard rock metallica-kill em all ,master of puppets, rush-moving pictures,signals. zz-top elliminator, dio-holy diver,van halen-scorpions-judas priest-queensryche-ozzy osbourne-mercyful fate-king diamond where is the real rock?? sure u2 and rem and black flag ,and some of the other lp,s on the list are great choices. still growing up in the 80,s you cannot dispute the sonic power of hard rock and heavy metal….slayer and metallica helped change the music industry just as much as that fruitcake prince. and what is so good about(rape little boys and shop at toys r us) (dangle baby from balconey) michael jackson anyway he even had help from rocker eddie van halen and slash of gnr on some tracks wake up america go back to real rock and roll..start with psychedelic rock of the sixties and graduate to progressive rock and heavy metal………..peace..nutso