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Your Salon Blog Tour of Quality  

A very quick and dirty tour, as it is only an hour till kick-off (Redskins/Rams) and I certainly won’t be in any shape to write when I get home.


Eerily, Life On Earth has a perfect description of  my morning.


That kooky Googobits chronicles Lynda Van Devanter.


NewBlog The Accidental Blog thinks that white people just aren’t funny. That is so wrong.


Does anyone know what this site is? I’m getting traffic from there, and I don’t even know what language it is.


Hey! This is Wacky Day, obviously. Miss Feva is linking to (hey, you think these links are free?) but then I scroll down and see something about a Beastie Boys laser show, so naturally I want to leave a comment but there’s nowhere to leave it.


Oh my god, I love the foreign blogs. Check this from Michel Vuijlsteke: “Sweet Baby Jesus. What the fuck happened? Christina Aguilera op Top of the Pops. In een leren bikini en bijpassende string. En verder nog wat vodden en beenbeschermers aan. En da’s al. En met een buikje. En voortdurend crotch shots. Ugh.”


It’s old news now, but if I had posted last night, I certainly would have pointed to Driver 8‘s publication of a very corny and very funny Abbott and Costello Routine.


News and updates. We’re going to try something new in a few days. Guest writers. Yes, three other Salon Blogs columnists will take a turn at writing the Salon Blog Quality Tour. Applause. Curtain. Commission.


Possibly Coming Soon: The Salamis!


 Later. It’s 3:31, almost time for kickoff.