Tour Update

Your Salon Blog Tour of Quality

My rant.It’s someone new almost every day now, hyping themselves big time. And I haven’t talked about it directly … oblique is more my style … but I’ve got to say this once and try to wise a couple of you up. (I don’t want to write about this again, except obliquely. The point of this column is to try to point out what is excellent, interesting, or just fun at Salon Blogs.)

It’s probably been going on this way since the beginning of Salon Blogs, and I just never noticed it until I started to take this column seriously. The signs are certainly there: long dead blogs like Looking Glass (I’m number 50!) that didn’t stay around long enough to develop a following, and yet posted big numbers.

Or maybe, these logs generated enough ill feeling through their fat fingering that they lost the potential to ever build a following here.

Hey Goldfinger, I’m talking to you. You don’t really think that anyone believes for a moment that more people wanted to read your recycled college routines more than they wanted to hear what Kat had to say today, do you? Ya know, she has real readers, people who check her out everyday. And she’s worked for it. They don’t show up because She’s Actual Size is ranked #11, they show up because they like what she has to say and the way she says it. Think about it.

Moving right along