Using Radio with Blogger

You can mirror a Radio blog to a Blogger blog (one-way only). Here’s an interesting little discussion from my comments about this:

Comments in response to this post:
Hi there I started blogging with blogger on and still have 2 weblogs there which are fed via categories from one weblog at Radioland:

My Radioland Dog News site feeds DC Dog News to and to: I’ve been so frustrated because when I post via categories to these two weblogs, the posts are repeated ad infinitum, until I turn off posting. Have you actually fed to 2 separate weblogs via categories (I was able to do so for about a month, but now it always keeps reposting.) I’ve written to tech support at, but they never write back. Radioland’s Lawrence Lee says the problem is at (? because he says the ManilaBridge works fine. (hmmmm)

It would be a wonderful, incredible feature if it worked and theoretically it should work perfectly, because each post has a unique ID. So why doesn’t it? You can see from that I’m having too much trouble keeping these sites synced to my Radioland Dog News Site at :

Thank you. M. Ford

Dog Newsie [] • 7/29/02; 3:12:20 PM
Actually, I’m not sure. I’ve tried using the Manila-Blogger API bridge just recently to mirror this site but I didn’t see any out-of-the-box functionality that would let me direct a single category only. Without that feature (or even if it requires some undocumented script-hacking) this doesn’t satisfy my needs, because I don’t want this whole blog mirrored at and thus flooding any of my existing Blogger blogs.

xian [] • 7/29/02; 9:49:13 PM