What? Accidentally Deleted My Post…

How strange. That’s what I get for multitasking (IM). Seems I posted then immediately deleted my latest post just now. Now I have to rattle it off impatiently like a laundry list just to get it out of my system.
Last day in New York.
Couldn’t see many friends this time around.
All about sneaking into the city under radar after my h.s. reunion to see parents, brother P and sister-in-law S, and brother A. Unfortunately missing sister, J, who’s coming up from DC this weekend I gather for mother’s day.
Editors freaking because I’m not superproductive on my book these last few weeks, but we have a new final, absolutely final, this-time-really-final-no-kidding plan to get everything from me in with final art by the end of next week. It’s actually doable (first realistic deadline I’ve had since starting in November). We might be one of the first Dreamweaver books out, but frankly I’m just looking forward to getting it all in the can and then starting my “no work for two months (at least)” plan.