What's French for 'two-way web'? (deux-rue web?)

My second-grade French is letting me down, but my note about some unknown RSS referrers hosted at UserLand got this response from Michel Dumais.

Heyyyy!!! It’s a real pleasure to read you each day. A lot of good comments and suggestions. BTW, open to suggestions from your readers? How about a match between Movable Type and PMachine Pro?
10:45:15 PM  Permalien  

So permalien , huh? Does lien = link?
And, sure, I am open to suggestions. Comparisons add value, for sure, but they take time. I do want to make sure I keep contributing and not simply collecting the work of other people, but the whole distributed no-boss collaborative thing is working for me right now, so I’ll fit that in when I can. I have heard of pMachine a lot. I should ask Michel if he uses it.
I feel a little funny posting kudos to myself, though when it’s posted on a blog it seems like fair game. (I assume email is not for publication unless the sender tells me otherwise.) Sincere praise and honest feedback is one form of compensation all writers like to receive from their readers.