When all was said and done

“Posting the tutorial in reverse may not have been such a good idea.”

Changelog 2002.11.06.1356PST: Yep, the problem appeared to be a break issue around the figure in Step 5! It was obscuring the controls for Step 6 and hiding much of the copy. I tihnk it’s ficxed now, so as promised I’m demoting this alternative draft of step 6, retained here only for historical and process-obsessive reasons.

Editor’s Note: Radio is behaving strangely for me. In my desktop weblog home page, it appears that step 6 is missing, so I retrooled this postscript to replace it. Viewing the salonika page in Navigator, I see two step sixes! Something is out of synch. Just in case, for now I am keeping both. If it all sorts out, I may end up demoting this one again and restoring the original statement, “Posting the tutorial in reverse may not have been such a good idea.”
6. Cross-posting to your new category (take 2)
Now, if you tell me about your new category, I’ll ask you to post something to it so I can pick it up on my Radio aggregator (don’t worry what that means).
So, post something to your new Salon blogs community category. How? Just write a normal post, and check the box for your new category.
Here’s mine:
my salon blogs category checked
I then unchecked the Home Page category and posted this entry to salonika only.
Please feel free to let me know if this could be made any clearer or more helpful. Questions welcome! Thanks.

Editor’s Note:This post was originally entitled “When all is said and done,” and it read merely:

Posting the tutorial in reverse may not have been such a good idea

because I anticipated potential trouble trying to “play with” Radio’s reverse chronology and immutable datestamps. Inevitably, I somehow failed to post step 6 after writing it (or, worse, somehow overwrote it with step 5). Suddenly, my ending quip (written first, of course), could now be drafted into yeoman service as a replacement version of step 6.