Where's Waldo?

A combination of burnout and offline deadlines has severely hampered my ability to post interesting links here, let alone cogent ideas or analysis.
I don’t think this situation will last too long (although I am heading to southern California for a wedding on Friday and won’t be back in action till Tuesday, so this site will go dark during that period, for the first time since we launched).
But there is a natural ebb and flow to blogging, so acknowledging burnout and overload is probably a good thing. Yesterday my body went on strike and demanded that I sleep most of the afternoon just to get caught up on the fatigue cycle. I took this as a sign to stay away from the computer except when absolutely unavoidable.
Ironically, I just started a new, private intranet-ish k-log project blog sorta blog for tracking the still secret project. So the blogging goes on as a knowledge capture and project management tool even when I’m not reporting on the metablog scene here in RFB.
In the meantime, I direct you to the fine links in my various blogrolls hither. Most of the time I find out about intereresting developments from them. Blogging News has been doing an especially good job lately of covering the biggest stories and most quotable quotations in the blogosphere.