Why fool MT?

I meant to link to Scot’s recent O’Reilly blog article about tweaking MT to make it power a news site for the students in the Berkeley J-School IP Weblog class, but like so many interesting articles lately, I let that one escape me as I juggle multiple responsibilities.
Today, Dave Winer posts a response to Scot’s article, suggesting a more bloggy approach to solving the same problem:

They were trying to make Movable Type behave like a news publishing system, where system managers and content engineers do the production work, and reporters and editors write and keep their hands off the editorial system. But but, if it’s a weblogs class, that’s wrong. They should all be doing weblogs, nothing more, nothing less. Maybe I’m missing something.

Not sure why Dave included his stock picture of Lessig, though? Is it because of the intellectual-property focus of the class?
(BTW, techn note, Radio is working great in Navigator, a.k.a., Chimera on my OS X tiMac.)