Workaday Dreamaway

Determined to make this final week of hard work go smoothly, trying to earn my planned time off and reinforce reasonable deadlines, I’ve already got a lot done today, though I still have a lot to do and it’s already two.
My next task is to sort through all the likely content for the CD we’re including with my book, and making sure that all the permission letters have been sent. We’re already cutting it real close.
But first, but first I need a break. It’s been nonstop all morning, except for one good long phone call, and I feel cooped up. It’s probably really nice out back. What’s the point of working at home for free if you can’t pace yourself?
Starting my third Alan Furst novel, Kingdom of Shadows. If I’m hip I’ll add the link to later. If I’m cool I’ve already done it. I’m not reading them in order, skipping from first to third. There are two scenes in The Polish Office that refer to or portray incidents from Night Soldiers, the first Furst. How lovely to build one’s world that way. Must draw inspiration vs. envy.