'Worst weblog ever!'

I didn’t know Jason Snell was doing something called teevee.org, but correspondent Charly Z assures me they do “snarky comentary about, well, TV.” Shamelessly, I copped their title from their weblog announcement, in which they say:

Today TeeVee’s Station Breaks take on a new form. Yes, we’re sort of getting on the Weblog bandwagon. But this will be a different kind of Weblog, mostly because we’re still working on the technology and trying to figure out how we’re going to handle it logistically here at TeeVee HQ. Also, right now we’re apparently limited to one post per day, making ours the most anemic Weblog in recent memory.

It’s actually a sideblog on their home page (down the left-hand side), so this is a case of integrating the blog form into an existing home page that has other content with different update rhythms.