Writer's Conf

Spent four hours yesterday in a car to and from Sacramento (not too hot till late) with good company, though, my agent. We were there to give a talk called “Writing the Successful Book Proposal” – I’ll make the powerpoint file available if there’s any interest. We had only 50 minutes so we had to keep it high-level. One pleasant surprise was that an attendee told me she had taken one of my Internet classes at San Jose State in ’95 or ’96 and that I had started her off on a new career as a technical writer. Very gratifying and I think weirdly lent me prestige to the other seminar participants.
Another good thing (seriously) was that there were only about six or seven in the class, besides Danielle and me. This meant we could ask everyone to talk about what they were hoping to learn or accomplish and also that we could take questions and make the whole experience highly interactive. It was enjoyable and not as draining as those six-hour classes I used to teach in San Jose. I should see if UC or SF State’s extension programs could use me to teach information architecture or Dreamweaver or something?