Xian is Not

Xian is not available to shipping addresses outside the United States
Xian is not the right choice for his role, he is terrible and has no charms whatsoever
the word “xian” is not meant to be demeaning or abusive, it’s just an abbreviation
Xian is not another Shanghai or Beijing
Xian is not only the gateway to the Northwest Region but also a hub of communications that links the East and the West
Xian is not about going solo
Xian is not advertised on the box
Xian is not obstructing the king
Xian is not a mere thug or warlord
Xian is not and acceptable replacement for Christian, it means you don’t want to say the name of our Savior
Xian is not the only one who tailors his ideas to fit his current situation
(maybe i should do bodega is and isn’t next?)