2003 Bloggie nominations open

Have a favorite undiscovered blog you think deserves more recognition? Nominate it for a Bloggie. I’ve submitted my nominations.
I must say, though, the name of the award is terrible (as is Webby). I like the system used in the entertainment world, wherein the trophy is named after some luminary from the medium’s exalted past (Oscar, Emmy, Tony). It seems like the lamely named Grammy award started this unimaginative trend of just sticking “-y” or “-ie” on the end of some stupid term of art.
Maybe the Bloggies should be called the “Jasons” or the “Jornies.” Or if it’s classier to go with someone who has already shuffled off this mortal coil, maybe the “Vandevars” or the “Jorges” (in honor of the author of The Garden of Forking Paths and other seminal pre-hypertext thingies).