2003 Waterside Conference starts today

We’re kicking off our thirteenth annual publishing conference at the Radisson in the Berkeley marina today. It’s been a tough couple of years in the computer-book publishing industry, so I’m glad that so many people have decided to turn out for the event. It may be our lineup of speakers this year that are bringing in the crowds.
In the past I’ve tried to post nearly real-time comments on panels and speakers to Waterside’s virtual conference mailing list but this year I am going to try something a little different.
Thanks to Waterside client John Ross and the advice and suggestions of many others, I believe we will have a working wi-fi access point or two for all participants. In addition to enabling people to check their email and surf the web instead of paying attention, I hope this will also enable the bloggers among us to post their observations and thoughts as they occur to them.
I know a number of the participants in the conferene this year have blogs and I’ll be posting links to them as people let me know their URLs.
In the meantime, I’ll be blogging the conference as well (in between my various hostly duties, meetings with publishers, and so on), at a little blog I call ‘Agent 7’. If you’re curious about the name, come by the conference and ask me!
UPDATE: Oops, on my first try I had misconfigured Radio’s #upstream.xml file for this category. It should work on this re-publish…
UPDATE 2: D’oh! I failed to tell Radio to use the FTP upstreaming option for this category… trying again. OK, that wasn’t it. It turns out I had HTML rendering turned off. Third time’s the charm?
UPDATE 3: Sheesh! OK, it turns out that when I turned on HTML rendering I chose “No Theme” to avoid munging my template tweaks but it still wiped them out. If I were clever I’d have saved a backup elsewhere. Anyway, I just recreated the key #homeTemplate.txt file based on the Waterside site design and I am republishing yet again. Fingers crossed!