A day in the life

x: got some quotes of deductible vs.
premium tradeoff at progressive.

x: also getting a quote from gecko.

b: i tried to call you earlier…D and I
were discussing his coming over for dinner tonight & Buffy watching…

b: then he got a call from S saying she
and S had just picked up 100 small Johnson’s oysters and invited us over to eat

x: wow, nice. so we tape buffy or jag?

b: so, we can eat oysters at S & S’s
( would drive us over at usual time) or we can stay home and do Buffy with D
(and he said he’d eat oysters with them tomorrow)

x: your call…

x: you like oysters…

b: tough call. maybe since D tapes Buffy
we could tape JAG

b: oysters are hard to turn down.

b: but weeknight carousing can be hard
on me–and tomorrow I have a meeting and a lunch with Big C…

x: uh… then let’s defer to the
weeknight and pass on the oysters? (boo hoo)

x: probably the smart thing. i was
thinking it would be nice to see dick.

b: oh, i don’t want to spoil the

b: we had discussed his dropping by Bowl
and getting a rotisserie chicken or something–any other ideas?

x: no, i can’t handle fun right now.
i’m a work frenzy.

x: you hate the spices in thos
erotisserie chickens and they’ve stopped offering the barceue or jerked sauce.

x: better rotisserie and weird south
african greek lucca

b: ok then. I’m going to tell D we have
to pass on the oysters but would still like to have dinner with him?

b: what’s greek lucca?

x: i mean better rotisserie at weird
south african greek rustica in montclair across the street from notlucca

b: you mean better roast chicken than

x: {rimatsfn-} was left out… notlucca
= a.g.ferrari a.k.a. a.e.ferrar

b: you are losing me

x: yes, saying that if roast chicken
then rustica better than bowl

x: she’s breaking up! she’s breaking

b: actually–do you have time to call
D–i’m struggling with an action alert

x: also, new puzzler: where’s my

x: yes, i will call dick

b: i have no idea!

x: i will call him deke, of chez deke.

x: it was a rhetorical question

x: but a puzzler nonetheless

b: you had your phone yesterday on the
way to Al’s

b: and you called me from the car after

x: I know. I had in Eve on the way
home. I think Eve is starting to leak objects into a nearby nano-blackhole.

x: "At what age did Briggs obtain
a U.S. state-issued driver’s license?"

b: 15.5

x: oops, i said 18. that could skew the
quote at gecko i guess

b: have you talked with D?

b: should I call him?

b: i just left a message for D–turning
down oysters and asking if he still wants to get together with us for dinner

b: we still have to figure out the menu

b: and were you saying Rustica chicken
was a better/easier idea than Bowl rotisserie? if yes, do you mind getting it?

x: yes, i talked to him, sorry

x: i didn’t hear you buzz

x: i did call d and left him a

x: he just called me back.

x: we didn’t discuss the chicken, but
he is in charge of meat

x: weird it says they’ll mail the quote

x: i guess with accidents they don’t do
it online?