A yearful of plasticbag.org

The “On this date” feature in my sidebar (effectively a “one year ago today” listing) has been really fun since I put it in place on this weblog’s one-year anniversary.
For one thing, I can’t believe how much blogging I was doing a year ago. Some of those days have eight to ten substantial substantial posts on them. Of course at the time I was between writing projects, whereas since last winter I’ve had book projects and other writing assignments and consulting engagements taking up a lot of time, attention, and energy.
Most of the themes of this blog were set out within the first week. Now each day I look and see what I wrote a year ago, and I get to relive my journey from that time.
A year ago today I discovered Tom Coates’ unrelentingly good plasticbag.org weblog. I’ve been reading it ever since.
As I said at the time (though the reference is now a historical curiosity):

You’ll come for the blogging insight; you’ll stay for the Buffy rumors.

One problem I’ve noticed is that for some of those posts I relied on Radio’s title + link feature to include the key link from the post. Since then I think I’ve generally made an effort to include an ordinary hypertext link to the main reference (when there is one) somewhere in the body of the entry, but in the case of an entry such as the one I linked to above, which has been migrated into MT (although the Radio-generated page still exists at its original permalink with its original title, link, and entry content), the original link in the title got lost in the translation.